Venezuelan president retains power.In Bali a british mother faces life sentance for drugs smuggling.Retired accountant murdered by russian prostitute.

Hugo Chavez has retained power in the Venezuelan elections. A british mother faces life in prison after being charged with drug smuggling in Indonesia.Better designed roads and more training for cyclists would improve safety.A wealthy retired accountant has been found murdered by a Russian prostitute in his surrey home.

News UK Hugo Chavez: Venezuelan president retains power with election victory

Hugo Chavez increased security amid fears violent protests might break out at the end of a bitterly fought election campaign between him and Henrique Capriles.more here

British mother in Bali court faces life over drug smuggling

A British mother faces a life sentence in an overcrowded and violent Indonesian jail after being charged for her part in…see more here

Transport Secretary calls for better road design and training to help cyclists

Better road design and training hold the key to improved cycle safety, the new
Transport Secretary said today as he…more here

Wealthy retired accountant ‘murdered by Russian prostitute in his 1m Surrey home’ was about to ask her to marry him

Winston Fernandez, 69, wanted to propose to the vice girl now accused of his murder, Natalia Woolley, 38, pictured, as long as she gave up working as an escort, the jury at Guildford Crown Court was told.see more here

Michael Jones: Body of British football coach, 25, is found on Manhattan street corner after brutal stabbing

Michael Jones, 25, from a village near Southport, was stabbed multiple times through both the neck and chest in the early hours of Sunday morning.more here  

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