the Olympics and the poor weather made last summer the worst for tourism since 2003. Scotland wants to give the vote to peopple from the age of 16.


Scotland wants to give the vote to sixteen year old’s, but are they mature enough for this. Last summer was the worst for tourism since 2003, due to the dire weather and the Olympics taking their toll.

Olympics and poor weather made it the worst summer for tourism since 2003

Although the Government had boasted the Games would deliver a boost to retailers, restaurants and attractions, foreign visitors to the UK actually fell 5 per cent compared with 2011 see more here

Britain the party pooper as EU celebrates Nobel Peace Prize

Britain steadfastly refused to join in the celebrations today after news that
the European Union had won the 2012 Nobel…more here

Voting at 16 I was smuggling Kit Kats into my school locker at that age. I’d rather it was 36!

QUENTIN LETTS: Following a compromise between David Cameron and the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, it seems likely that 16 is to be the voting age in the Scottish independence referendum.see more here


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